What is more important than giving a child the right to a normal life? Going to school, playing with your friends or simply hugging your parents... For us, it sounds obvious. Yet every year more than one million children are taken from their homes or sold by their families.

The Solyna Foundation, born from the meeting between Somaly Mam and Chris Wolf, our president, is fighting daily to put an end to these atrocities. This mobilization is not in vain. Since 1996, AFESIP, an organization funded by the Solyna Foundation, has saved more than 7,000 young girls from brothels in Southeast Asia.

AFESIP (Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Précaire), a Cambodian organization that fights trafficking, allows children housed in their centre to dream again.

They are treated there, educated, trained in a profession to finally be reintegrated into society. More importantly, they receive love and relearn to live.

This constant fight must not stop. It is everyone’s responsibility to put an end to this barbarity and to find the strength to face this reality. The Solyna Foundation invites you to help the victims and, at its side, give them back their life as children.

A vision,

A mission

There are more than 200'000 victims of trafficking in Cambodia. They are generally young girls between the ages of 2 and 20 who are victims of sexual abuse or are considered to be potentially at risk. They were sold by their families for economic reasons and exploited by pimps.

The road from horror to light is very long. It takes more than five years to heal a young girl until she is fully rehabilitated. AFESIP removes victims from trafficking, treats them physically and psychologically, and then educates them. Finally, it ensures their reintegration into society, through a scholarship or the opening of a business.

The Solyna Foundation supports AFESIP to try to build a world in which child trafficking no longer exists and where every woman and child enjoys rights and total freedom.

Together, we have only one goal: to free the victims of slavery and make life normal for the survivors of this trafficking!

The founding pillars of our actions are:
Prévention Solya
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Soins Solyna
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Formation Solyna

In numbers

Solyna is seven years of existence, tens of volunteers, thousands of francs raised, but not only. We are proud to count on the support of media, companies and personalities such as AnnaLynne McCord, Suzanne Sarandon and Thomas Mustaki.

Fondation Solyna
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Solyna Foundation is a non-profit foundation active since 2013. It comprises a group of Swiss volunteers and supports children who are victims of trafficking and sexual abuse in Cambodia. Registered on the Swiss Register of Commerce, the foundation is recognized as being in the public interest and is therefore exonerated from all taxes. In turn, your donations are deductible from your tax declaration from CHF100.-.

The Commercial Register extract is available here.


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