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The Solyna Foundation was created in 2013, at the instigation of Swiss volunteers outraged by the mistreatment suffered each year by several thousand young girls and children in South-East Asia.


To date, more than 30 people collaborate on a voluntary basis to raise funds, in order to allow the victims to resume a normal and dignified life. We organize support dinners and information conferences.


We also participate in various events in Switzerland. The money collected by our actions is sent directly to AFESIP which makes good use of it on site.


We check the activities in Cambodia at least once a year, visiting the field to see the progress made. The vice-president of our foundation is also a member of the AFESIP board. 



Child trafficking is a form of slavery in which human beings are traded. The victims, mostly women and girls, are recruited, transported and received by force, threat or other forms of coercion.

The participation of victims is always involuntary, because even when there is consent, it is obtained through fraud, deception, kidnapping, abuse of authority or by taking advantage of a situation of vulnerability.

Human trafficking  is currently the third largest source of criminal income in the world. There are several million victims each year, half of whom are children.

Trafic sexuel
Trafic sexuel cambodge
Prostitutions de mineures cambodge



The Solyna Foundation has a foundation board, two committees and an employee  part-time.


The board issues the guidelines and makes all decisions concerning the organization.

The committee  organization are in charge of organizing and  to manage our support dinners which take place each year in Lausanne and Geneva.  

They also set up tables of 10 to 12 people, allowing as many people as possible to be informed of our actions and the work carried out each year in the field.


Our foundation can also count on numerous support from companies and patrons who make material and financial commitments in order to support young victims.

Notre équipe

How? 'Or' What 

To act?

The Solyna Foundation raises funds each year to finance the cost of the program (rescue, care, schooling, reintegration) during its support dinners, but this is not sufficient to maintain  infrastructure in good condition and develop our actions in the field, in an optimal way.

The contribution of donors, sponsors and patrons is in this sense a crucial aid allowing the continuity, strengthening and development of infrastructures, as well as programs.

We have  poured out  more than CHF 575'000.- to  AFESIP since 2013, date of our creation. Our contribution was not only financial, but we were also able to bring our administrative and management expertise, as well as human resources since some of our volunteers worked in the centers.  We hope to be able to increase our aid by developing our activities in Switzerland in the coming years. 

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