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Thanks in particular to a completely voluntary foundation council, Solyna is entirely dedicated to improving the lives of the young girls taken in. Being able to count on the support of donors and patrons is therefore a real necessity to finance our action.  Joining our organization means participating in the development and influence of a Swiss organization and supporting young girls from their rescue until their reintegration into society.  

As the Solyna Foundation is recognized as being of public utility, all donations are fully tax deductible. 

PacK "Zenith"
don caritatif, Solyna
You offer

The complete rehabilitation of a young woman, until her reintegration into working life. This includes rescue, but also:

- Reception in a secure center in Phnom Penh

- Appropriate medical care

- Adapted psychological care

- Full education

- Vocational training or high school

- Accommodation and food

- Reintegration into society 

- Follow-up for several years after reintegration

The rehabilitation of a young girl generally takes 5 years and needs to be taken care of by care and teaching professionals.

Faire une don, Solyna
You offer

The "rising sun" pack focuses on psychological care and education. School and psychologists allow young girls to rehabilitate and rediscover life in society.  This pack includes:

- Reception in a secure center in Phnom Penh

- Adapted psychological care

- One-year schooling

- One-year vocational training

The psychological aspect is essential in the rehabilitation of victims. The physical consequences are serious, but the psychological traumas are often the hardest to treat.

PacK "Aurora"
donner cambodge
You offer

This pack focused on reception and education will offer the following elements to a young victim:

- Reception in a secure center in Phnom Penh

- Accommodation and food for a year

- One-year schooling

By subscribing to this pack, you meet the vital needs of a resident of our centers. 

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